Personal makeup mirror with LED light

Here are several makeup mirrors with light reviews and why we think Angel Lux from Mirrex as the best one. Reviewers loved that this versatile mirror can be powered with either a USB plug or AAA batteries. “This mirror is sleek in design and is so very bright. It replaced my old Revlon make up mirror from the ‘70s (not kidding),” says one happy shopper. “I love the dimmer option and the magnification on the side mirrors is helpful for plucking problem areas. It has options to plug it in or use batteries.” Another reviewer exclaims, “The best part about this mirror is you can replace the rechargeable batteries. So even if the charging port breaks on this one all you need to do is use AAA batteries!” A third owner writes, “I love that you can connect with USB or use batteries for the light feature. Also, the mirror itself is not too big and not too small, so it won’t take up too much space on your desk/ vanity. I find the mirror to be great for everyday use.”

This mirror may look old-school Hollywood, but its Bluetooth speaker capabilities and touchscreen-adjustable dimming lightbulbs say otherwise. Plus, it has sneaky outlets and USB ports on the sides so you can plug in your straighter, curler, phone, your friend’s phone… If the magic mirror from Snow White were real, this would probably be it. We gave this a Best of Beauty award for its unique ability to re-create the lighting of any setting. Here’s how: Simply snap a pic of your office, favorite bar, or anywhere else, then sync the Wi-Fi-enabled mirror to your image, and it’ll re-create the exact lighting in the photo. Translation: No more wondering whether your green eyeliner is too much for the office (it’s not, btw). Read extra details on Illuminated makeup mirror.

This looks like your traditional cosmetic mirror. The 8.5-inch oval mirror rotates a full 360º with one side that’s regular magnification and the other that’s 7x enlarged. The oval shape is excellent since it mimics the shape of your face, so you don’t have to twist and turn to see all parts of your face. Its biggest drawback—and it is a big one—is that it doesn’t get quite bright enough to give a true showing. It’s also electric, so it’s not as portable as the competition.

The patented jewelry-display grade Angel Lux simulates your true appearance under natural lighting. This allows you to apply makeup that truly accentuates your beauty. CLOSE-UP LOOK – Our travel makeup mirror has a diamond vision glass, allowing you to focus on specific sections of your face. This is great for applying precise makeup, tweezing, and blemish control. WIRELESS CHARGING – When paired with QI gadgets, iOS or Android devices, our portable vanity mirror with lights can also serve as a wireless charger with 2x faster charging speed. TRULY PORTABLE – At only 0.2 pound, our lighted makeup mirror is ultra-lightweight and extremely compact. It’s the perfect travel companion! Easily fits in your bag, on your desk, or in your makeup kit.STRONG & STYLISH – More than just impressive and smart functions, you’ll love our portable mirror for its design and quality. It has a sleek UV matte finishing coat, and the glass is anti-scratch. Source: