Toronto, Canada uWelcome2019

Where? Toronto, Canada. When ? Spring 2019. Test your SEO skills with SEO contest uWelcome2019! A selected group of competitors was gathered to join the SEO Contest Uwelcome2019. In this contest, these SEOs will measure the strength of their skills.

What is a SEO Contest ? According to the highest ranked info site , Wikipedia, we have a first definition : A SEO contest is a prize-awarding activity which challenges search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners to achieve high ranking under major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN using certain keyword(s). This type of contest is controversial because it often leads to massive amounts of link spamming as participants try to boost the rankings of their pages by any means available. The organizing body of a SEO competition may hold the activity without promotion of a product or service in mind; or they may organize a contest in order to market something on the Internet. Participants can showcase their skills and potentially discover and share new techniques for promoting websites.

The real winner of the SEO Hero contest was the organizer… So if you want some attention for your SEO agency here are a few tips about organizing SEO Contests : Keep the assets to a minimum with the focus being clear, understandable, sharable content that can also work effectively in link bait. Time the competition to run 6-8 to weeks before the peak period of interest for your target page or section so you have high quality relevant links incoming during a key period.

SEO Hero is a thing of the past, the present is SEO challenge uWelcome2019! Reason to participate ? Improve your knowledge with this SEO contest in 2019. The basic objective when you participate in an SEO contest is to generate greater visibility on the SERPs. Reinforce your presence among other Search Engine Optimization professionals that are already looking at your SEO rankings. Read extra details at SEO challenge uWelcome2019

SEO Hero : the truth about it! Before looking in more detail at what an SEO hero needs to know, there is a resource that Google has given through its spokesman for 12 years, who is now leaving its functions. Google’s Maile Ohye published a video about how to choose an seo hero. So Wix announced an SEO contest with the key $ 50 000 to win. Who will talk about the competition? The SEO of course, we will see bloom everywhere of SEO sites hero, and it is not sure that it is wix that will win, it will have a whole palette of SEO on which can count. I don’t hide that I’m going to participate in the contest.